Property Insurance Claims

            Fire - Storm - Flood  

                  Burst Pipe - Subsidence 

                        Business Interruption

                               Vehicle Impact 

3D Architectural Design / Planning Applications


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Site Supervision


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Budget Estimates / Tender Documents


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Building Surveys


                 Pre-Purchase Surveys

                            Structural Surveys   

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Subsidence / Structural Repairs

Site Safety / PSDP


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Home Improvements

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Property Insurance Claims


Our Aim

There is never a good time for disaster to strike.


We have a built up experience and knowledge since 1999 assisting both Residential & Commercial clients when it comes to dealing with their Insurance Company.


Our aim is to negotiate the Policyholders full entitlements under the policy in force in a professional manner. 

Preparing for a Project


Drawings & Plans

3D Architectural Design Service

Planning Applications

Construction Drawings 

As-Built Survey Drawings

Out on the Site


Site Supervision

Periodic Stage Inspections

Assigned Certifier

Snag Lists

Building Surveys


Pre-Purchase House Surveys

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Subsidence & Structural Repairs


Structural Damage


On every project, the first step will involve a series of Site Investigations e.g. surveying the ground conditions/dynamic probing/testing for leaking water pipes etc.

The type and design of Foundation Repair can vary from project to project depending on site investigation results

And finally, Crack Repairs will need to be considered inside/outside the building