Pre-Purchase Surveys, also referred to as Structural,  House/Building  or  Condition Surveys are basically inspections aimed at outlining the general condition of a property at the time inspection and identify any defects/costly repairs..

 Our Pre-Purchase Surveys will identify any obvious defects or issues that would ordinarily be missed by the untrained eye. Such defects/issues can range from, but not limited to:

  • Structural Issues - walls, floors, roof structure etc

  • Defective Services

  • Poor workmanship during construction now becoming evident

  • Rising or penetrating dampness

  • Flooding risks

  • Structural Cracking / Subsidence Issues

 Our Reports are clear and easy to follow


why choose  haynes & Associates:

 1. knowledge

We have an in depth knowledge of Building Standards and the Construction Process gained through years of experience and continued professional development

2. expertise

Our surveys are only carried out by experienced Chartered Engineers.

3. practical advice

Buying a home (property) is probably the single biggest financial commitment any of us will make.  

Our aim is to give the best advice and where possible, guidance on any costly repairs.


We are happy to talk through the findings in our reports and endeavour to answer any queries our clients may have on the surveyed property. 


4. full service

On many an occasion, we have seen our clients look to renovate, extend or remodel their new home.


We have a range of engineering Services.


We can take our clients right from the initial Design Stages through  to Supervising the construction & Signing-off on the works.